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60 Day KETO Challenge – This is what happened…

This is my second 60 Day Challenge on the channel. I went a full 60 days on the Ketogenic diet with one refeed at 30 days. I kept my macro percentage at 80% Fat and 20%Protein (Dietary Keto) while eating around 20g Net Carbs. My goal wasn’t to lose weight but to maintain my CrossFit performance and aesthetics. For me personally I ate very high quality foods and fats coming from avocados, MCT, Omega 3s, Salmon, nuts/seeds etc. A lot of people make the mistake of doing “dirty keto” which gives the Keto world a bad wrap. I believe with any diet you should be consuming the highest quality foods possible and limiting processed foods to achieve the greatest results.

As you can see I was able to achieve the same body fat percentage on keto that I achieved on IIFYM-If it fits your macros. These results are great because it proves you won’t lose muscle on keto and you can get super lean. I honestly loved keto and I think I’ll continue for another 30 days but utilizing “targeted keto”.

Iv’e said it before, all diets work but its what diet works for your lifestyle. No diet is better than another, they all work equally. Find out what you can maintain for the longest duration and the most consistent and you’ll achieve your goals.

Let me know what you think I should try next!

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