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6 KETO FOODS TO AVOID (controversial!)

6 KETO FOODS TO AVOID (controversial!)


Feeling crappy on the ketogenic diet? Can’t make it work for you?

Getting into ketosis i.e. ‘fat burning mode’ can be hard – it’s not just about eating your body weight in fats and cutting out all carbs.

It goes without saying that if you’re following the keto diet the focus should be on unprocessed, whole foods, just as nature intended.

Just because some people lose a lot of weight on this diet, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily doing it the healthy way. Just like with any lifestyle, there’s definitely a very VERY unhealthy way to do keto!

Doing keto the right way means, increased energy, mental clarity, better digestion, hormone balancing, improved sleep, glowing skin…)

But there are some non-carb ‘keto-friendly’ foods that can still stop you from seeing results on a ketogenic diet… and they’ll probably surprise you!

Watch the full video to find out if maybe some of these typical keto foods are holding you back from feeling the awesome super-human effects of being keto-adapted.


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