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2 Ingredient Keto Pasta | Keto Noodles | Keto Recipes

This is a 2 ingredient keto pasta and simplest keto pasta or rather any kind of pasta recipe that you will find. It not only has merely two ingredients but it is a no knead dough. All you have to do is mix the two ingredients, pour the mixture on a sheet, flatten it and cool. After that you have a noodle. Now it a bit too large to be eaten by anyone, but nevertheless. Now you are free to cut it in any shape you like. I made some spaghetti and some fetuchinis. You can make lasagna too but you have to remember that you can’t heat these much or you will be left with a blob. So the safest is to make some noodles shapes and top it with some lovely pasta sauce, cheese and olive oil.

Keep in mind that these noodles have to be eaten on the day that you make them. They will start getting dry and hard if you store them in the fridge. I ate these with a creamy mushroom and tomato sauce. And one batch as is with olive oil, red pepper flakes and pinch of sea salt.

I hope this recipe seemed simple and quick enough for you to try. Let me know in the comments how it turned out. Happy Cooking!

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Macros: Servings 2

Calories: 262

Fat: 10

Net Carbs: 0

Protein: 42

Here is a link to my Marathi(language) Channel where I share all my healthy, gluten free, diabetic friendly recipes, which I make for my family and myself : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkm3aE0evjVx-Nwcf2UtZ2g

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