1200 CALORIES LOW CARB MEAL PLAN – 5 Min Simple Healthy Recipes #EatMoreWeighLess EPS.2

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To weight fast, but don’t diet! Join me today – I believe in wholesome recipes and I’ll show you some. Please share with a friend who you know is trying to get healthier.❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Much love! 😃😃😃

Need simple easy, yet healthy yummy low-carb recipes? Today I’ll share a full day of eating with 5-min recipes, total 1200 calories. ⬇️ Which recipe is your fav? Leave a comment❤️ Hope I can help more people with health and fitness 💪 So I really hope the hours of editing and sharing can benefit more people 😃😃😃 Please share with a friend, thank you!!!!!!👍

00:00 1200 calories recipes
00:20 Breakfast
00:57 Lunch
02:02 Afternoon Snack
02:37 Dinner
04:21 Dessert

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