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10 Years of Undiagnosed Diabetes Reversed with Keto Carnivore

10 Years of Undiagnosed Diabetes Reversed with Keto Carnivore

Michele (@providedfor1968) has a family history of diabetes so was determined to follow all the advice to avoid that outcome. She ate a low-fat vegan diet and exercised religiously only to find her blood sugar numbers higher than ever. She was exhausted but doctors said she was doing all the right things despite the fact that she was walking around with untreated diabetes for 10 years. She credits keto carnivore for reducing her blood sugars and saving her life. What can keto carnivore do for you?

If you would like some guidance along the way as you figure out your personalized carnivore program, head over to MeatRx and book an appointment with me now.

If you’d like to hear first hand accounts of people who have eaten this way for generations, feel free to listen to many of your favorite carnivore YouTubers read from the Fat of the Land, in this playlist.
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